How to Use a Vision Poster to Achieve Your Life Goals

You probably spend more and more time thinking about your life goals and plans to achieve your dreams. Then you forget about them just a couple of weeks later – don’t worry, I am guilty of that too. But why is that so? I am going on a limb here, but I would guess most probably because you lost sight of them. Let me tell you a secret, that might not be a secret after all: the key element to achieve your goals is to keep them always in sight in order to constantly be reminded of them.

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Goal setting, Law of attraction and Vision Poster

If you’ve been curious about goal setting before, you may have stumbled upon the theory called the law of attraction, which mainly focuses on the idea that thoughts become things. But now if that’s so, we need to make sure we think the right things, right? While there a million of tools out there to train your mind and focus on positive thinking, today we want to introduce you to the Vision Poster, which is a visualization tool that we created “for your self improvement, as a daily reflection of your vision and to help you to gain confidence, clarity and energy in order to achiever your dreams.” By creating a vision poster you will gain clarity, confidence and energy on what it is that you truly want in your life, which will help you to find the inner capacity to create and thrive.

But before you can do all of that, how do you actually create your Vision Poster?

  • Get inspired and bring your vision to life with our 10 beautiful questions

The first step to create your personalized Vision Poster is our beautiful questionnaire that will help you get clear on your goals. But before you answer our questionnaire, you will want to spend some time to get clear on what you want your ideal life to look like. Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine your ideal life: What would it look like? What would you work? Who would be with you? What are your strengths? How do you motivate yourself? What are you grateful for? What does it mean to you to live a good life?
Those are just a few examples of questions to help you get inspired and figure out what your ideal life would look like. After this moment of visualizing your ideal life, you can turn back to our 10 questions and answer them with all the information you just collected. Little tip: You don’t have to focus all your answers on “stuff”, but you can instead focus on how you feel. Add words such as joyful, abundant, powerful, motivated or any other would that describes how you want to feel in your future life to create an even more vibrant text.

  • Identify the most important elements that signify to you how to live a happy life

Now that you already created a vision of the life you are wishing for and brought all of your thoughts, ideas and inspiration to paper while you were answering our questionnaire, you will now receive a first draft of your road map to your ideal life, a first draft to your personal Vision Poster. Here you will be able to edit your poster draft and change up the design as you desire. Little tip: As you are editing and changing the design of your poster, try to really identify the most important elements four your personal vision. The key elements that show what it means to you to live a happy life. A few examples are “having a family”, “traveling the world” or “live an abundant life”, but they could really be anything for you as long as they get you excited and motivated. Those are the words you should design as big as possible as, so they will always catch your attention right away every time you look at your poster. And another fun tip: Include inspirational quotes to your poster to get an extra burst of inspiration.

  • Place your Vision Poster so it is always right in side

As I said above with my example of the New Years resolutions, a vision is only as good as the number of times you look at it. Meaning: you need to place your Vision Poster always right in side. Maybe you always drink your coffee on you couch, then you could place your Vision Poster on your coffee table. Or maybe you always take a couple of moments while you are applying your make-up, so you could place your Vision Poster next to your mirror on your dressing table. It really is up to. Just make sure you place your Vision Poster somewhere in your apartment where you always spend a couple of minutes in the morning. This way you will be able to include your Vision Poster as a visualization tool in your morning routine, which brings me to the last point:

  • Include the Vision Poster into your morning routine

The first thing you do in the morning will have the biggest influence on your day. Now we already shared 10 ways to start you morning stress free and gave away our favorites tips which besides gratitude and journaling, also includes reading. And what better way then to include reading your Vision Poster and therefore adding a visualization practice to your morning routine? This way your goals are on top of your mind and will guide you throughout your whole day. Little tip: To get even more benefits from your Vision Poster, you might want to get the print at home version, which includes not just the poster in all sizes, but also your poster as a screensaver for your computer and smartphone. This way you will always be able to take a look at your Vision Poster whenever you need a little kick of motivation and inspiration. Because knowing your vision will be your kick-start to live a successful and happy life. 

So are you ready to set your goals and work on creating your best life? Then it is time to start with point one and order your Vision Poster right here.

May 13, 2016 by Luisa Jablonski

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