5 Steps How To Turn Your New Year’s Wish List into Actual Results
Happy New Year!
Wow, that’s exciting – a fresh start, don’t you love it?
Well, we certainly do! We feel inspired to get new things of the ground and have plenty of ideas that make us tingle already.
But you know what we’ve learned over time? The more ambitious we are to stack up our New Year’s resolutions, the less likely it is that we actually follow through. Does that mean we should want less? HELL NO! We’re here to achieve all our dreams – as crazy as they might be.
Yet, the approach of writing New Year’s resolutions never really worked for us. And as the gym gets pretty empty around mid-February, we tend to think it’s not only us.
So we went out seeking the wisdom of masters who have found a solution. Something we love doing when facing a challenge. And we’ve developed a process that works. Today, it forms the fundamental belief of our company: ‘Dream it, plan it, do it.’ And it’s how we approach ANYTHING we want to achieve in our life and business.
And here’s how to put it into practice for making this year INCREDIBLE!


We believe every new year needs a new mantra! A mantra is a sentence or keyword that directs your energy and guides your actions. We believe that by looking at it daily, it will help point the needle towards where you want your focus to be this year. 

Before starting with any concrete goals you want to achieve this year, ask yourself

- how do you want your life to look, to feel, to be like this year?

Think about what you aspire.
You will recognize this year’s mantra is right when it makes your heart jump, when you barely can hold yourself from shouting out loud: HELL YES! This is what I want!


Having a mantra is only the first step to turn your aspirations for this year into reality. But what happens when things get tough? Well, I tend to get doubts that ‘I can do it’. Can you resonate? That’s why it’s crucial to know why focusing on this year’s mantra will ultimately bring you closer to live the life you love.

So, after writing your mantra down, ask yourself:
  • Why is focusing on [your mantra] important for me this year?
  • How would I feel if I don’t focus on [your mantra]?


When only 20% of the people think about the WHY for their mantra, now we’re hitting the 5% mark. Only top achievers (and by this we mean people who turn their vision intro reality – however that looks like) include it into their daily practice. By repeating your mantra and your why’s you make sure not to lose sight and be reassured why it’s important for you.

To quote Les Brown, one of our favorite motivational speakers: “It’s simple, not easy.” And that totally applies to Step 3. To make it easier, we all have printed our 2017 mantra and carry it with us on our mobile phones.



Now it’s time for some action – ready?

It only takes 5 minutes! To keep that promise, grab your timer and set it to 5 minutes, now grab a pen and ask yourself:
“What would I do this year if I had no fear?  What do I want to achieve for myself, what do I want for my relationships, what do I want for my business or career?”
  • Start your timer and write down EVERYTHING that comes to your mind. Don’t worry about how to get it done, just let it pour out from your heart.
    Refreshing, isn’t it?
  • Now, run down your list and mark your top ten ‘must get done’ projects. How to select them? Do a simple imaginary retrospective. Which are the projects that - if accomplished this year – get you excited and make you feel you have your time well invested?
Make sure it’s a nice mix between personal, and professional goals – and make them as specific as possible (Go to gym vs. go to yoga 1x week & go 20-min running 2x week).


You know why most of the New Year’s resolutions don’t get done? Because nobody plans time to actually do them! If you’re serious about achieving the top ten goals from your list, put them into your yearly plan.

Which yearly plan? We’ve got you covered - access your  FREE GLOMENT GOAL PLANNER  


Take a look at your top 10 goals and add one major goal to each month of the year. Leave room in December and during summer for some vacation and family time.
Voila - now you have a clear plan of your most important projects to accomplish during each month of this year. Print it out and hang it above your desk. This way you can be laser focused on one goal at a time instead of trying to achieve all at once, and quit due to overwhelm.
We can personally say, that this process has helped us tremendously to increase our productivity, keep our focus and thanks to our mantra –keep the great energy throughout the year.
Now we’d love to hear from you – what’s your mantra for 2017? We’re SUPER excited to hear it in the comments!
With fresh New Year’s energy,
Your Gloment Team

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January 10, 2017 by Gloment Team



Ronja said:

What a fantastic post – I agree with all of your steps- and I loooove the free planner. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to get started. And I have a feeling: 2017 will be amazing!
xx Ronja

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