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How to Reach Your Goals and Connect With Your Feminine Energy
We love to inspire like-minded souls with our products and our content! That’s why we were excited to hear that Daniela Hutter, author and coach for modern women, has created her second vision poster to manifest her vision for 2017. As we mutually get inspired by Daniela’s work, we couldn’t wait to ask her about her new book The Yin Principle and how she starts the year.

Let’s introduce you to Daniela Hutter. Daniela helps women to create the life they desire by connecting them to their female side, unleashing their own creative forces. She offers coaching and teaches about manifestation, spirituality, energy, time quality and the so called Rauhnaechte. 
In our interview you’ll learn how Daniela stays on track with her goals, what tool she uses to shift from a dark place to a light place and learn 3 tips how you can reconnect with your female energy.

what are your tips for the beginning of the year? Do you set New Year’s resolutions or do you use another method to start the year?
My method is known as Rauhnaechte which describes the ‘special time’ between Christmas and the 6th of January. Each day in that period is said to forecast the near future. That’s why I’m very observant during these days. I observe my dreams, my encounters – I meditate and write a lot. At the end of these days, I usually can identify a common theme of what my heart desires and my plans for the new year, also in respect of becoming and change which are the only constants in our lives.
During the year, on each new moon, I take out my notes to stay connected to my desires and plans I use my notes as continuous impulses to stay tuned – that’s my motto.
How important is a vision for your life? Do you think it helps to turn your dreams into reality?

Of course. A clear Yes! How else would you turn on your navigational system, to let yourself being guided, when you don’t have any idea where you’re heading? #wink

Do you believe in affirmations, meaning that you can influence your actions through the focus of your thoughts?
Yes, I believe in affirmations – although, I observe that sometimes they’re being used on a superficial level. Rather than formulating wishes, I capture the essence from an inner dialogue. 
For example, when I want to lose weight, my affirmation won’t be “I’m thin and happy” – but I rather take a look at what I need to do to get to my desired weight. My inner (and honest) dialogue could reveal that I don’t do enough sports, that I regularly overeat or that eating too many sweets are to blame.
Therefore, my affirmation could be: “I overcome my laziness and have fun to exercise daily.” Or “I eat consciously and healthy.” 

In your Facebook-Posts you speak about “light and dark sides” of life. What are the Top 3 tips you’d give to a person that currently has difficulties to see the light?

Tip # 1: Create an emergency list
During ‘good times’ create an emergency list and have it easily accessible. I have the same list in my notebook, my PC, my phone and in my bag. It carries tips like “listen to feel good music”, the telephone number of a friend I can call at any time, have a glass of prosecco, take a bath, say a prayer. This list is unique to each person, so it can reflect one’s own personality.

Tip # 2: Go to the meta level

Take a look at your current life situation as a spectator, try to take yourself out of the situation. This way you are able to get an ‘overview’. The world suddenly looks different, and often it’s easier to find answers, ways and solutions.

Tip #3: Candles, prayers and meditation. 

In your last book The Yin Principle
 you explain that our female qualities such as devotion, sensitivity and compassion, often stay unlived in our rational and efficient world. What effect does it have on women?
Because of our current lifestyle, our society and how we design our day-to-day life, the Yang is the dominating force in our environment. ‘Faster, further, higher, more revenue, more process optimization’ – seem to be pointing the way. Doing, planning, checking, organizing, analyzing, achieving – are all coming from the Yang energy.

Women have a Yin nature. When we’re always moving in Yang, we start to crave for Yin. Inner emptiness, exhaustion, futility and missing joy for life are signs of it. If the system of our society is missing Yin, exploitation is more likely. At the same time, a vacuum is being created when only Yang and Yang are interacting with each other. Two poles that don’t attract each other. We can experience the consequences in our relationships and sexuality. The attraction and passion is missing. As well as deep connection. 

How can we connect to our feminine side? Which
3 exercises do you use to switch from male energy to female energy?
Nature reveals it. We women are creative beings. We embody creation, because we give life. To receive life, we need to be open. To be open, we need to feel relaxation, trust and devotion.

Tip #1: Relax
Relaxation is important to nurture the Yin, physically and in general. We unwind when we do the things that are good for us: sleep, healthy food, wellness, dance, silence, meditation. It sounds trivial, but it’s really that simple. When feeling relaxed, women release Oxytocin. A hormone that allows us to be soft and open, it allows us to surrender and experience closeness. We nurture the process of creation by using our talents that we have been given. This can be through creativity, music - or however you like to express yourself.

Tip #2: Choose the way inwards
When women feel an emptiness inside themselves, they often choose the way outwards: Shopping, superficial conversations, substitute acts. The true way of the Yin is the way inwards – to explore one’s own depth. The water, which is the element of the feminine, always flows into the deep – and so is the true calling for a woman to explore her inner depth. What visions does she carry? What is she hungry for? What does she want to change? Silence, meditation and writing as method for self-expression are all ways to go inwards.

Tip #3: Seek connection
Yin is always looking for connection, and wants to close circles. Living in a state of rejection or maintaining separation, is against a woman’s nature. It’s energetically unhealthy. We lose connection to ourselves and feel emotionally torn.

Any last advice for our readers Daniela?
No matter if you want to reach a new goal or unleash your female energy, I recommend to choose the way of the small steps. A 180° turn requires an enormous commitment and consumes a lot of energy. It comes with the danger of feeling exhausted and giving up. It can overwhelm your environment, family and partner. I made the experience that the way of the small steps, taking it step-by-step, steady and consequent, lets you reach your goals more relaxed. And often, you have more success.

We couldn’t agree more! First, you need a vision for your life, to know where you want to go, and to envision the life you are here to create for yourself. After creating a grand vision, we need to break it down into easy-to-achieve steps. Small goals help us to stay motivated, avoid overwhelm and keep our focus.
That’s why our motto is dream it, plan it, do it”.
Start by creating your vision poster here. Then use our free goal planner to break down your yearly goals into achievable steps – one step per month, to keep the focus and stay motivated. 
To read more about Daniela Hutter and her book The Yin Principle visit her website . 
Which of Daniela’s tip did you find most interesting? 
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February 02, 2017 by Gloment Team


Gabriele Luser

Gabriele Luser said:

Choose the way inwards!
… this is, where you find your dreams, your visions and your own truht. Change your live step by step by listening your inner voice.
Ich love Daniela’s books!

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