I was so frustrated by my current situation that I was even considering dropping out of college, the only reason why I didn’t was because I didn’t know what for. The situation was getting even worse by my friends looking at me skeptically and my family assuring me their support with that obligatory „We love you, no matter what“ with clearly noticeable concern in their voices.

So, that's why I sighed with relief when I started my Vision Poster and finally someone didn’t ask me ‚what now‘ but completely different questions - I was surprised by my own answers!

So, that's me today: working in that school as jurist in the management. But actually I am much more than that, I am a companion, a helping hand, a mentor and a guardian.
Besides all the necessary organizational and juridical tasks that arise in the course of the day, I have time for these children, that are on their way to become adults, I have to think about how to teach them the important values of today’s society, how to make them smile and how to make them reflect. I don’t have fixed working hours, but I can’t count the times I have been sitting in the office until midnight and even on the weekends just because I had forgotten time.

I can say now, I finally found what many might call a calling. I’m doing what I am good at and I do it for a purpose that makes me proud. Because when the grownups from tomorrow know their strengths and want to use them to make the world a bit better, then it might be, in tiny parts, also my merit.




 " I think the Vision Poster is genius. Asking myself the question “What would you do if I couldn’t fail?” or “If you became the national currency, what would make you wealthy?” helped me to think bigger and to imagine a situation different from the one I was stuck in now.

After finishing my Vision Poster I hung it up next to my desk and installed it as my desktop background in order to remind myself about my vision and about the fact that I would start to take action very soon to bring this vision to reality.

Having my vision written down, clearly defined and visualized really helped me become more positive and confident about the future. "

- Marina -




With my upcoming graduation and following job search, I don’t think I would have launched my startup ever if I hadn’t done it now. Time flies by so quickly and with the pressure of having to support yourself, launching a startup where there is no money at the beginning is something you think about twice. I’m super happy I did it and was able to put the doing into the equation, instead of the thinking. 
I finally feel free and complete again. Not like I am missing something at all. The paralyzed feeling is gone. I decide where I want to go and what to achieve, and not others. I have no idea why I did not go for it earlier, but I guess I just needed to create my Vision Poster to realize it. Glad I did so!

Thank you Gloment!


Joshua, Co-Founder of Freeletics on why he loves his Vision Poster:

„...The system we live in was not made to make us happy. Nobody, no teacher, no professor, no mentor asked me ‘what makes you happy’ or ‘who do you want to be’.
It is up to us to find out and to have the courage to follow our dreams no matter what the people surrounding us want us to do or be.
I am very thankful that I met people with similar ideas, ideals and visions early in my life. People who helped me discover what I really want and who supported me to chase my dreams no matter how big and unrealistic they might seem.
I really don’t know where I’d be today, if I hadn’t dared to asked myself what I really want in life and if I hadn’t had the support to then get up and make it become reality...”
Don’t waste another day without knowing what you really want. Create Your Own Vision Poster !