Yearly Goal Planner

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You know why most of the New Year’s resolutions don’t get done? Because nobody plans time to actually do them! If you’re serious about achieving the top ten goals from your list, put them into your yearly plan.

Which yearly plan? We’ve got you covered - access your free Gloment goal planning template here.

Take a look at your top 10 goals and add one major goal to each month of the year. Leave room in December and during summer for some vacation and family time.

Voila - now you have a clear plan of your most important projects to accomplish during each month of this year. Print it out and hang it above your desk. This way you can be laser focused on one goal at a time instead of trying to achieve all at once, and quit due to overwhelm.

 We can personally say, that this process has helped us tremendously to increase our productivity, keep our focus and thanks to our mantra –keep the great energy